Tradition has always favoured Side-by-Sides. Our Side-by-Side action wasperfected in the 1880s and now has over 140 years of production behind it. One of the oldest styles of guns we produce, the Side-by-Side is still a popular choice even today. This style incorporates a unique assisted opening action and remains, to this day, the classic game gun. Naming it one of the best shotguns in the world, The Field commented, “From the technical perspective, the Purdey gun is possibly the greatest Side-by-Side ever made.”

Purdey Patented Technology

James Purdey the Younger was determined to create the best gun — something that couldn’t be bettered. In 1879, Frederick Beesley, a former Purdey stocker, invented a self-opening system that used the residual energy of the mainspring to open the gun. The system was developed and patented with our assistance the following year. Our Side-by-Side hammerless guns and rifles have been built on the Beesley self-opening system ever since.


Royally Revered

This system proved a great success for us. So much so that by the late nineteenth century, every crowned head of Europe had become a customer of James Purdey & Sons.

The Classic Choice

Perhaps the most iconic shotgun of all time, the Side-by-Side is a gun that has required little improvement from the moment it was introduced to the public. Even with all the advancements in the shooting industry, our Side-by-Side is still appreciated for its elegant engineering which allows for much faster loading.

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