Our Bespoke Models

When a tailor creates a suit, they are precise with their measurements and techniques so you receive a garment that fits you exclusively. We follow the same principles when creating our bespoke guns. One of the joys of this process is the knowledge that, from the very first fitting, every element is made entirely to your personal specifications. Each detail of your bespoke Purdey — the wood you select for your stock, the barrels, the personalised hand-engraving, the finishing — is tailored to your preferences. 

To build a gun alongside our dedicated team is to witness traditional English gunmaking at its finest. When we create a Purdey gun, we aim to make it beautiful — and to make it work beautifully for a hundred years and beyond. This process is your way to add your name to the Purdey legacy. Step inside our workshop and immerse yourself in an experience like none other.

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The Sidelock Side-by-Side

Built on the famous Beesley action, our Side-by-Side game gun has changed little since the 1880s.

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The Sidelock Over-and-Under

Perfected by the Lawrence Brothers, our Over-and-Under is unmistakably a Purdey shotgun.

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The Damascus Gun

The thing of legends — our Damascus Side-by-Side and Over-and-Unders are forged from a hundred layers of Damascene steel.

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Discover Our Bespoke Process

For those that appreciate our acclaimed craftsmanship and superior shot, explore our bespoke gunmaking process and models.
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The Sidelock Hammer Ejector

Master the discipline of the golden age of shooting with our Hammer Ejector shotgun.

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The Purdey Trigger Plate

Our Trigger Plate gun is classic elegance combined with modern strength.

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The Purdey Sporter

A crisp and smooth shot — the Sporter is an excellent place to start your Purdey collection.

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The Bolt Action Rifle

The Bolt-Action rifle is the outcome of combining innovative engineering with a classic aesthetic.

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The Sidelock Double Rifle

The ‘express’ train of firearms, our Sidelock Double rifle is the high-speed heavy-weight with an aptitude for accuracy.

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