Gun Fitting Appointments

At Purdey, we cannot over-emphasise the importance of a good gun-fit, a belief that was handed down to us from the original James Purdey, head stocker to the gunsmith who first created the concept. It provides the correct relationship between eye and muzzle by taking into consideration eyesight, build, and technique of the shooter, helping to ensure a consistent gun mount. Simply put, a properly fitted gun will work with you, helping you to maximize your performance in the field.

Gun-fitting is as much an art as a science. It requires the astute yet subtle observations of an expert gun-fitter, developed and honed over many years. Our chosen partner for gun-fitting is our shooting school, The Royal Berkshire Shooting School. We also work with and use the West London Shooting School.

Typically, a gun-fitting commences at the pattern plate. It is here that the fitter gets his first initial impression as to the basic fit of the gun. The shooter then progresses through a variety of different stands at which a mixture of targets are shot, so as to allow the fitter to make the small yet crucial final adjustments to the try-gun.

The shooting complete, the try-gun is measured, and the customer’s individual specification for length, bend and cast recorded by the fitter. He will also make notes regarding the client’s shooting style and the type of shooting for which the gun will be used. All of this information will then be given to the stocker, to allow him to craft the perfect stock.