Many enjoy shooting our Hammer Ejector gun for the same reason some enjoy driving a vintage car — it’s about the challenge it presents and skill it requires. But once that's achieved, it becomes second nature. While modern shooting equipment has been simplified and streamlined, the Hammer Ejector takes you back to the golden days in the English countryside.

Reviving A Classic

In 2004, the master craftsmen in our workshop re-captured the elegance of a classic hammer gun so that it’s just as pleasing to shoot and handle as it would have been in the nineteenth century.


Historical Popularity

Some of the finest game shots of the Victorian period used Hammer Ejector guns, including His Majesty King George V who never gave up using his Purdey Hammer guns. One of the most famous game shooters of all time, the second Marquis of Ripon, shot most of his remarkable bag using a trio of Purdey hammer guns.

For The Disciplined Shooter

It might seem like a retrograde step to remake the Hammer Ejector gun. But we believe that innovation and tradition are not opposing forces. While many enjoy the innovations of the modern shooting world, many enthusiasts relish the discipline required to shoot this type of gun smoothly and with precision. The rhythmic opening, loading, cocking, firing and repeating are a true delight for those who value an authentic shooting experience.

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