Just like our hammerless shotguns, the design of our Side-by-Side double rifles has needed very little improvement since it was first introduced. Developed by us, now the word ‘express’ has become intrinsically linked to the term ‘nitro express’ and has been used by Double rifle makers the world over. Since we produce a limited number, telescopic sights and quick detachable mounts are available on request.

Exceedingly Fast

Alongside his son (James Purdey the Younger), Purdey developed the famous ‘Express’ Double rifle. The name was inspired by the newly introduced Express Trains. It reflected the velocity, power and accuracy of the new product — something which was eagerly adopted following its introduction in 1852.


Bullish Bullets

The rifle’s two-winged bullets allowed for the use of larger powder charges and correspondingly higher muzzle velocities. Purdey the Younger only allowed the term to be used in reference to smaller-bore rifles with a muzzle velocity of 1,600 feet per second or faster; giving it a flatter trajectory and far greater range than previous designs.

Precise And Powerful

Today, our Double rifles are built on our patented Beesley action. This allows for fast opening and reloading, and gives absolute confidence to the hunter, crucial when facing dangerous game. The performance of our rifles combined with the graceful Purdey shape and balance makes it, we believe, the finest Double rifle in the world.

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