Shooting in Africa

The quality and variety of shooting species that can be found in South Africa are staggering.  

From the legendary Rock Pigeon — known for its agility and speed — to the animated guinea fowl, the African terrain provides some of the most exhilarating shooting you will ever experience. 


Rock Pigeons and Doves

A day out shooting Rock Pigeons and Doves will have you exploring sunflower and corn fields where the stalks can grow overhead. 

These common birds fly in singles, pairs or groups similar to conveys of grouse. They zip high and low, zigzagging at tremendous speeds over the hilly landscape. 

Season: No season. However, the birds’ numbers peak in March, April and May. Their numbers are well sustained all through June, July and August as well.


The flocks of guinea fowl are often mixed with francolin and spurfowl, erupting in bursts from the thick cover. These ground-dwelling birds may seem lethargic while forging in their big groups (called a confusion), but don’t be deceived. 

Their blue and red facial colours have earned them the nickname of traffic officers or traffic cops, and they can scurry like a speeding car when fleeing. Deceptively quick, they present a challenge for even the most well-versed of shots. 

Season: May to August (South Africa). July to September (Botswana)

Francolin and Spurfowl

For those who enjoy a brisk morning stroll – with the added excitement of a gun in one hand and a pair of eager pointers weaving ahead of you through the thicket — this experience is certainly worth building into your bespoke package.  

There are three species of spurfowl and two different species of francolin to shoot, with each offering a different challenge.

From the small, fast Natal spurfowl to the unbelievably cunning crested francolin — these birds will test your skill to the limit.

Season: May to August


Greywing are considered one of the finest sporting upland birds in the world. In fact, they are frequently mentioned in the same breath as the red grouse. 

These birds inhabit some of the most beautiful and untouched habitats on earth. In Africa, they are only found above 5,000 feet in the gnarled, rugged mountains — so pack a good pair of boots. 

Fast and agile, they utilise the wind and terrain to their advantage. Once-in-a-lifetime shots can certainly be made as the birds dive below you, streaming down the mountain face with the wind at their tails, to finally dip between boulders and rocks.

Season: May to July

Duck & Geese

With over 15 different species of waterfowl, including the world's largest goose (the spurwing), the best shooting is experienced in an evening flight. Silhouettes of duck and geese against the African sunset are a truly memorable sight — as much as the shooting itself.  

The waterfowl can appear from all angles and will continue to drop in right up to last light. This experience alone makes your trip an unparalleled experience.

Season: May to August


The central Kalahari Desert in Botswana offers the finest sandgrouse shooting in Africa — the same bird that Ernest Hemingway wrote so passionately about and loved to shoot. 

They are another of Africa’s intrepid sporting birds, swift and dexterous in flight and bold in nature. 

Shooting occurs in the morning and evening. Guns form a ring, at least 400 yards from specially identified water holes. This provides not only tremendous high birds but also allows the grouse to drink once they have run the gauntlet.

Season: October (Botswana). September and October (Namibia)