Shooting In Argentina

The Cordoba province in Argentina is well known as one of the premium locations in the world for dove shooting. 

You'll remember your trip to Cordoba as being one of outstanding hospitality, and world-class shooting you have never experienced before. 

The game

The doves in Argentina are the Eared Dove, a fast-flying cousin of North America’s Mourning dove. They hide amongst the rolling hills, dry creek beds and narrow valleys that construct the landscape. You’ll work with guides to select the style of shooting you wish to enjoy. 

Enjoy a stay at either the Pica Zuro or La Dormida Lodge, two of the most exclusive dove shooting lodges in Cordoba. Recently renovated in a safari style, they both provide exceptional luxury and comfort. 

Both lodges have extremely comfortable living rooms, large dining rooms and recreation areas. Each lodge has a private chef who uses the finest local ingredients to produce a selection of delicious traditional dishes all of which are paired with carefully selected Argentine wines.

Pica Zuro offers nine ensuite bedrooms to accommodate a maximum of 16 guests.

La Dormida has four single rooms and three doubles, all ensuite — capable of accommodating up to 10 guests.