Although we have made Bolt-Action rifles since their introduction, our modern Bolt-Action is the perfect solution to an age-old concern. Wooden stocks are at the mercy of the elements, and will naturally move because of atmospheric conditions and changes in moisture levels. Our Bolt-Action rifle combats this with state-of-the-art engineering that preserves all of the charms of a traditional Purdey rifle.

The Purdey Chassis System

A titanium chassis is embedded into the walnut stock and runs from the pistol grip to the forend. This innovative system is unseen when the rifle is fully assembled as the action is built directly into the titanium chassis rather than the wood (which is traditional with ‘Best’ London rifles). The result is a level of stability unseen in rifles in the past. There is no compromise between performance and aesthetics with our Bolt-Action rifle — it delivers you both.


Free-Floating Barrel

As the ‘Purdey Chassis System’ provides a level of stability unseen in ‘Best’ quality rifles in the past. This major advance has allowed Purdey to incorporate a free-floating barrel into the design allowing consistent barrel harmonics, another key prerequisite to rifle accuracy.

Innovation Meets Tradition

Whilst this rifle has been driven by innovation, the tradition and elegance you would expect of a Purdey were at the forefront of the design brief. The standard model boasts a London ‘Blacked’ barrel and action finish, a traditionally shaped deluxe grade Walnut stock and a magazine floor plate lid that is engraved with our classic fine Rose and Scroll engraving pattern.

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