Introducing 10 Limited-Edition Purdey Trigger Plates

Introducing 10 Limited-Edition Purdey Trigger Plates

This year marks 210 years since James Purdey founded his eponymous business and began our great British gunmaking tradition, which calls for something special to mark the occasion… In the shape of 10 limited-edition Purdey Trigger Plate Over-and-Under 28-bore game guns. The PTP is a modern classic, one of our most contemporary models, and the 28-bore has only been in production for the last two years. It’s a feat of engineering, combining the finest materials and time-honoured expertise with the latest innovation we now have at the Purdey factory in west London.  

"We developed the Purdey Trigger Plate completely in CAD [computer aided design],” says Technical Manager, Alan Graichen-Cunningham, “and it’s been a real eye opener as to what we can achieve by working differently… What we are doing right now is digitally capturing 200-plus years of history. In essence, the history of Purdey’s designs are being captured for future generations, and that's something that would otherwise be lost.” 

As with all Purdey Trigger Plate shotguns, the action of the limited-edition model has a detachable trigger assembly, which is designed for ease of maintenance, strength and security. Being able to switch triggers swiftly and smoothly brings enjoyable versatility in the field. “You can have a double trigger, a single trigger, a selective single trigger… depending on what experience you’re looking for,” says Purdey Aftersales and Product Line Manager, Jim Bryan

Each of the 10 exclusive versions will be built to include exhibition-grade stock, with full pistol grip and solid game rib, made entirely bespoke to your measurements. The steel is engraved with the Purdey Trigger Plate large scroll, with the client’s choice of bird on the base of the action – the engraving alone takes approximately 125 hours. “Details are understated and subtle, which is as it should be,” notes Director of Gun Sales, Andrew Ambrose, who anticipates the 28-bore will be well suited to those who shoot in America, designed for smaller birds such as Quail. As well as indicating which number of the 10 each gun is, it will also be engraved around the grip cap with “1814” and “2024”.  

Since 1814, our commitment to craftsmanship has only become more deeply ingrained. “This Purdey Trigger Plate package champions British makers,” Ambrose continues. Beyond the gun itself, the team has collaborated with skilled artisans in Birmingham to make the limited-edition burgundy Cartridge Bag and Gun Slip. Both offer the durable protection of bridle leather, which wears extremely well, and will be embossed with the owner’s initials. Also included is a lightweight leather case with the traditional Purdey label containing your essential gun cleaning kit (a cleaning rod, brush, mop, jag oil bottle in a Purdey leather pouch, snap caps and selvyt polishing cloth).

To complete the package, a limited-edition Purdey Hunting Knife. Much like our guns, these pieces are perfectly balanced and hand-made in England. The blade is made from the best Damascus steel in the world, noted for its resilience and unique marbled pattern, while the handle is whittled from a walnut, selected for its quality and grain.

“The anniversary is a good excuse,” Ambrose concludes, “whether we’re at 210 years, 212 years or further down the line, what this limited-edition package represents is longevity, and the unique position that Purdey holds at the forefront of innovation backed by centuries of experience.” A definite cause for celebration. 

The Limited-Edition Purdey Trigger Plate package retails at £115,000 (ex. VAT). Please get in touch to discuss in more detail