The Purdey Grouse Moor

Driven Grouse can be the most challenging and exhilarating form of game shooting.   The speed and guile of Grouse is legendary and the need to practice and prepare for your first day, or for that matter any day, on the moor is essential.  It will ensure you are confident and better equipped to enjoy the day.  It will also remind you of  the essential safety rules unique to grouse shooting.

Designed with world renowned Grouse shot, Simon Ward, “The Purdey Grouse Moor” now comprises four different butts with over 20 traps. As part of our 30th anniversary celebration we have created a new sunken butt!  Each butt recreates the specific challenges and ‘birds’ that are unique to Grouse shooting; whether it be coveys, crossing pairs, driven birds beneath your feet or even birds going away.

It has been designed to allow you to practice every possible scenario that you will encounter on the moors.

There is simply no better place to learn and practice your Grouse shooting. As John Queen, one of the most respected Grouse keepers in the country stated:

“Simply the very best simulation of butt positioning you can get.  You have to use your feet and it demands the sheer aggression required to shoot grouse on the front foot…. just amazing!”