Roving Gun

Roving Gun


In just a few days a new shooting season starts. As ever this is a cause for great excitement but, set against the backdrop of the last few months, the start of this year’s season means so much more to so many people.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, the shooting world and all those who are part of it, have quietly and consistently shown themselves to be resilient and determined. Ultimately, the fact that we can look forward to a season at all is the ultimate testament to this resilience.

Here at the School we have been preparing for the game season with the refurbished Grouse butts and their 20 deviated traps in perfect working order. Whether or not you are lucky enough to be making your way onto the fell this year, The Royal Berkshire Grouse Challenge will give all aspiring Grouse shots the perfect way to enjoy the thrill of driven Grouse.

Likewise, the Gun Room, with its stock of guns and the newly arrived Gamebore Quad Seal Dark Storm game cartridges has got everything you could possibly need or want. Similarly , the Country Store has the very best range of clothing for the coming season, with every small detail catered for such as the ultimate midge spray, the legendary “skin so soft” (those who know...will know).

When talking of resilience I must thank two groups or people. First, our clients. We remain so grateful for your support, enthusiasm and feedback. As a team we will continue to do everything possible to make sure the RB offers everything that every shooting man and woman needs, whilst following all COVID Guidelines. The second group is the RB team themselves. They have worked tirelessly with great determination and innovation. Thank you to everybody. It is so encouraging to see us able to offer tuition, simulated game days and, this month, our CPSA registered competition.

It just remains for me to wish you a very safe and enjoyable shooting season and to say how we look forward to seeing you here at the grounds soon, if not in the “field”.

Best wishes