Celebrating Glorious Grouse Month

Celebrating 25 years of Glorious J&B Grouse! Created in 1991 The J&B Grouse stand is universally regarded as the finest simulation of a Grouse Drive in the UK and over the years has provided immense entertainment and fun during lessons. To celebrate, this August at the RBSS will be “Glorious Grouse Month” For £49 we will provide a 100 clays – 2 goes on the new upgraded sequence as well as 4 other simulated Grouse stands including the unique glass fronted “shooting behind the line” butt”!! Any score of 25 and above on the J&B sequence will be rewarded with a bottle of their famous whisky. All those that participate will be entered into a free draw to win a whole morning of tuition with the instructor of their choice, on “The Grouse” to include up to 500 cartridges and clays!! Think you cannot come along because it is school holiday time? We have the answer!! Bring your child along for a lesson at the special price of £50.00 including 50 cartridges and clays (Under 18’s) whilst you shoot! To book, please ring 01491 672900 or contact info@rbss.co.uk