We are proud to be home to Berkshire's Best Butt!

As we were keen to celebrate the acquisition of the Shooting School Group by James Purdey and Sons, earlier this year we commissioned  the construction of an amazing work of art, in the form of a truly stunning traditional stone grouse butt.

Built entirely by hand,  and incorporating a steel gully to allow the heather to thrive, it really does represent a true reflection of the Shooting School and Purdey - traditional, stylish and with utmost attention to detail - which  we hope all our guests will enjoy viewing and indeed being photographed next to in their next “selfie” !

Later this summer we will also be launching a new grouse “moor” which I assure you will make all those who love the time-honoured J&B Grouse Butt very excited indeed! For details  of lessons and opening hours do view our Tariff Page HERE

Earlier this month we hosted our first Purdey Ladies day, and we were delighted that our very good friend Annika Purdey, daughter of the most charming  man in shooting, Mr Richard Purdey, joined all the ladies who attended. Annika assisted Ben in a presentation on etiquette in the field in readiness for  a shooting weekend, including a "what to wear"  discussion with Annika modelling and discussing the brand new Ladies Collection from Purdey. For details of the next day, which will be held on Monday 3rd June, see HERE.

Finally, as I reflect on entering my 29th year at Royal Berkshire,  can I express my sincere thanks to all those that have supported the RB over all this time, but also a very special "thank you" to all who have been part of the RB team over the years, who have genuinely ensured that we always go "above and beyond" in all we do,  and are collectively a very special group of people.

Look forward to seeing  you soon 

Dylan Williams​