Purdey Awards

The Purdey Awards have been held annually since 1999 and seek to promote a wider appreciation of the outstanding game and habitat conservation work carried out by shoots throughout the United Kingdom and to give well-deserved recognition and reward to the best.

In light of the current situation, Purdey have concluded that we must, regrettably, cancel the awards for 2020. Naturally, we look forward to the awards proceeding in 2021. We believe they will demonstrate again next year the role which shooting plays in defining and shaping the ecological and social fabric of the countryside.

If you have any questions about the Awards, please contact purdey.awards@purdey.com or call us on 020 7499 1801.

Download the Code of Good Shooting Practice here

Download the Purdey Awards Project Explanations here

The Gold Award

The Irish Grouse Conservation Trust in recognition of their remarkable work in moorland recovery which allowed then to arrest and reverse the decline of the population of Irish Grouse.

The Silver Award

Roxburghe Estate in recognition of their Grey Partridge restoration project which has witnessed a stunning growth in numbers of breeding pairs.

The Bronze Award

Fridlington Farm Shoot in recognition of their passionate conservation work on specifically their remarkable success in using historic Marl Pits to create a unique wild driven Teal shoot.

Special Commendation

Jamie Horner of Iford Down Shoot in recognition of his continued success in creating a habitat for eighty different wildlife species.  His work with the RSPB and his engagement with the local community highlighting the importance of the role shooting plays in the countryside.

Special Commendation

Lagg Farm for creating an oasis of wildlife habitat and a haven for game and other species.  The farm demonstrates how to make a huge conservation impact and create a hugely enjoyable shoot.