The New Bolt-Action Rifle

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"The most accurate Best London Bolt-Action Rifle ever produced."

The new Purdey Bolt Action Rifle brings a level of accuracy not previously found in ‘Best London Guns’. This is due to a titanium chassis running from the pistol grip through to the forend which supports a free floating barrel. The new rifle is London-made and finished with traditional Purdey excellence. It is available in a wide range of chamberings and with a choice of sights.

The Purdey Chassis System
At the heart of this new and highly innovative rifle is the ‘Purdey Chassis System’. Made from titanium, the chassis, running from the pistol grip to the forend, is embedded into the walnut stock. Unseen when the rifle is assembled, the action is built directly into the titanium chassis rather than into the wood, as is traditional with Best London rifles. The result is an exceptionally stable bedding platform, one of the keys to an accurate rifle.

Free-floating barrel
The ‘Purdey Chassis System’ runs the full length of the stock and gives a level of stability unseen in Best Quality rifles in the past. As a result, the stock is prevented from moving as atmospheric conditions and moisture levels change. This major advance has allowed Purdey to incorporate a free-floating barrel into the design, allowing consistent barrel harmonics, another key prerequisite to rifle accuracy.

An all-British product
Historically, Best Quality London Rifles were all built around old Mauser actions using German barrels. The new Purdey Bolt-Action Rifle is an all-British product. The double square-bridge controlled-feed action and barrel are both precision engineered in the UK and the rifles are made in Purdey’s London workshop. This new rifle is truly a Best Quality London Rifle.

Innovation meets tradition
Whilst the new rifle is full of innovation, the tradition and elegance of Purdey was at the forefront of the design brief. The ‘Purdey Chassis System’ is hidden from view when the rifle is assembled, so aesthetically it remains a very traditional product with the London blueing to the action and barrel, along with the walnut stock and the traditional fine rose and scroll engraving.
The rifle is delivered complete with swing-off mounts and scope rings and is threaded for a moderator if the customer wishes, complete with an invisible thread protector. The trigger, which is set from the factory at 2 1/2 lbs, is adjustable, and delivers a crisp break with no creep.

Available chamberings
The new Purdey Bolt-Action Rifle is available in all standard and most wildcat chamberings. Purdey has over 200 reamers available to meet the demands of the modern bolt-action rifle market.

The new rifle is available now, with prices starting from £29,500 + VAT. The lead time on the standard specification is approximately 12-14 months from order.

Match Grade Accuracy

Mike Yardley and Marcus Janssen joined Purdey staff to test this new, highly accurate rifle, shooting it from 100 to 600 yards, and had this to say about it:
‘The Purdey team has created a very impressive new rifle. It combines a classic controlled-feed action and traditional wooden stock with a hidden titanium chassis set within the wood to achieve bedding stability. It results in a remarkably accurate rifle. With the .300 Winchester Magnum prototype, I managed three shots in 2″ at 300 yards.’ – Mike Yardley

‘I believe this is the most accurate London-made hunting rifle ever produced, and with Purdey’s heritage, pedigree and reputation as one of the world’s most iconic and highly regarded gun and rifle makers – what’s not to like about that? In my mind, it is the perfect hunting tool – it is beautiful, it’s a Purdey, and it is outrageously accurate whilst being really pleasurable to shoot. I managed three shots in 3″ at 600 yards. It ticks all of the boxes.’ – Marcus Janssen

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