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Order a hand-crafted shotgun or rifle, and you are joining a tradition of gunmaking excellence that goes back over two centuries. Our Founder, James Purdey the Elder, was apprenticed as a gunmaker in 1798. After joining Master gunsmith Joseph Manton, he went on to forge a gunmaking dynasty that would surpass all others.

A Purdey ‘Best’ gun is a gun that cannot be bettered. No extra time or expense can bring further improvement. From the very first measurement, it is designed to perfection.


For customers who would prefer not to wait the 18-24 months it takes to have a bespoke gun built, we hold a limited number of finished guns in our Gun Room at Audley House. Alternatively we now offer a selection of second-hand Purdey and Woodward shotguns to buy.

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Building a bespoke purdey

One of the joys of owning a Purdey gun is the knowledge that, from the very first fitting, every element of the gun has been made entirely to your personal specifications. When placing your order for a Purdey gun, you set in train a process of hand-crafting that may take up to two years to complete.


The making of a Purdey gun begins with the barrels. Our barrel tubes are made to very precise measurements; initially, they’re machined to within four thousandths of an inch.
Our barrel-makers then hand file the tubes, making sure that each barrel is perfectly round and concentric.

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Our stockers work to traditional Purdey gauges and shapes, delivering to the finisher a fully chequered and bored gun stock. This achieves the famous Purdey balance and weight.

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The art of engraving guns developed alongside the gentleman’s sport of game shooting. Not only does it help turn the shotgun from a cold metal object into a thing of beauty; it traditionally served a practical purpose, with discreet engraving softening the face of the metal, lessening reflection which might otherwise turn game.

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Building a bespoke purdey
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