At Your Service

At Your Service

Allow us to set the scene. You’ve selected your gun, signed on the dotted line and are now the proud owner of a Purdey. So what’s next? Well, that’s just the beginning. 

“The Purdey experience doesn’t end when you buy the gun,” says Aftersales Service Manager Jim Bryan, who has been with Purdey for over 30 years. “Everyone should be supported when buying a product of the quality and prestige of Purdey. It’s a show of our confidence in everything we do. We sell investment pieces, so ongoing engagement and aftercare is key.”

This engagement takes various forms, from servicing to design innovation to the five-year warranty that comes as standard with every gun. Here, we take a look at what’s on offer.

Servicing your gun

Having your Purdey serviced is an essential part of the annual sporting routine: to ensure longevity, avoid malfunction and give it an all-important clean. So, when was the last time you booked in? With the Glorious 12th just over a month away, now is as good a time as any. 

Purdey offers a range of servicing options, some focused specifically on the mechanics, barrels, stock or engraving, others on general maintenance. There are also two recently introduced services, designed for ease and time efficiency – especially for those who like to leave servicing to the final hour. 

There’s a quick one-hour check, where the expert team will give your Purdey a full assessment, before recommending any alterations or repairs. If the gun needs work, you can leave it at the factory in Hammersmith or return it whenever suits. Alternatively, the ‘speedy service’ is perfect for a last-minute overhaul: you’ll have the gun stripped, cleaned and back in your hands within one week. 

While we recommend a full service, either at the start or at the end of the season (subject to volume shot), these quick options provide an opportunity to keep your gun in top condition throughout the season too. It could mean the difference between a good shoot day and a really great one. 

A five-year guarantee

Over the years, everything at Purdey has been refined, but the ethos remains the same: prioritising craftsmanship, top quality and specialised service. Those values run through every piece produced and everything the team does, hence, a five-year warranty makes perfect sense; it comes as standard with every gun. 

For a brand that’s over 200 years old, five years is a relatively short amount of time, and Purdey is very much of the mindset that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. At the same time, innovation is a driving force and consistency is key – from machine shop to component, to craft, to finished gun, including the materials used. The five-year warranty serves to strengthen this culture; a show of ongoing support and a guarantee of confidence. 

After you receive your gun, Jim Bryan and his team check in periodically, offering servicing and repair as needed. With certain models, the team also encourages you to get hands-on with your gun. The new Purdey Sporter, for example, is designed with more accessible components, so you can engage with the gun yourself. You can find gun care videos on YouTube, and we will be developing a digital manual to accompany each model, in due course. 

The team is always available on a 1-1 basis, too. Our end goal is simply to better support you in the field. 

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