The Bicentenary Trio The Bicentenary Trio

The Bicentenary

The Bicentenary Trio of Guns

To celebrate 200 years of sporting excellence Purdey has produced a commemorative trio of guns to mark its bicentenary year in 2014. This highly collectable Purdey Bicentenary Trio comprises two shotguns and one double rifle: 12-bore Side-by-Side Game Gun, 20-bore Damascus Over and Under Game Gun, .470 Nitro Express Double Rifle. The trio is accompanied by an oak and leather travel case, for carriage, and a custom-built glass case, for display.
Each historic model has been carefully chosen to represent key design, innovation and craftsmanship milestones in the company’s 200-year history. Each gun features engraving representative of the era it was made, the Purdey bicentenary logo and a special serial number.

The Bicentenary Trio
The Miniature Hammer Ejector Gun The Miniature Hammer Ejector Gun

Miniature Hammergun Made for HRH George V

The miniature gun is an exact replica of the 12-bore hammergun that was used by the King but is one-sixth the size. It is part of a trio manufactured by Purdey to celebrate His Majesty’s Silver Jubilee in 1935: two were presented to the King and one was made as a back-up in case of an accident. The back-up gun is engraved with Tom Purdey’s initials, marked on the gold oval.
The trio took three years to build and each gun is seven inches long, weighs 13 drams (23 grams), has 69 parts — and is fully workable. The barrels even fired their own special cartridges, with a powder charge of 1.62 grains and a shot charge of 2.02 grains, which were commissioned from Eley.

The Limited Edition: 200 Copies The Limited Edition: 200 Copies

Purdey: 200 Years of Excellence, an Exclusive Limited Edition Book

The book celebrates Purdey’s two hundred years of gunmaking from 1814 to 2014, bringing the history of the firm right up to date – over 170 new photographs have been added which sit alongside fresh material. New appendices have been inserted covering Purdey rifle cartridges, a rare 1885 Purdey gun catalogue and Purdey gun cases.
To celebrate the bicentenary, Purdey is selling an exclusive limited edition copy which is covered in beautiful goatskin with gold embossed lettering, limited to 200 total copies individually signed and numbered. The book is also available in an elegant edition with a cover based on traditional gun case labels, each individually signed too.

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