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Built on the famous Beesley Action, our Side-By-Side game gun has changed little since the 1880s
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James Purdey the Younger was determined to create London best guns that could not be bettered. To that end, he adopted the Beesley action, which has been the choice of kings and nobility for their side-by-side shotguns since.

The Beesley self-opening system was patented in 1880, and has sustained the company ever since. Such was its success, that by the late nineteenth century every crowned head of Europe had become a customer of James Purdey & Sons.

The Purdey self-opening shotgun is available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 bore, on dedicated action sizes.

The Beesley action

In 1879, Frederick Beesley, a Purdey stocker, invented the self-opening system that uses the residual energy of the mainspring to open the gun and eject the spent cartridges. Patented the following year, he immediately sold the patent to Purdey; and our side-by-side hammerless guns and rifles have been built on the action ever since.

Side-by-Side Guns Options

Action Profile


Engraving - Action Finish

Engraving - Extra Finish




Rib Type


Forend type

Action Profile Options

Square Bar

Round Bar SBS

U/Round Bar

Reinforcement Options

Clip Sides

Third Grip

Engraving - Action Finish Options

Standard Fine Engraving

Coin Finish Rose & Scroll

Colour Hardened Finish

Custom Engraving

Damascus Steel Action

Game Scene

Engraving - Extra Finish Options

Gold Name on Locks

Plain Name On Locks

Gold Name on Barrel

Gold Name on Forend

Gold Serial Number

Pair Marks

Pinless Locks

Triggers Options

Double Trigger

Single Trigger

Beaded Trigger Bow

Flat Trigger Bow

Safety Options

Plain Safe

Gold Safe

Barrels Options

Steel Barrel Material

Damascus steel Barrels

Steel Proof Mark

Lead proof mark

2 3/4 Chamber Proof Marks

Rib Type Options

Plain Rib

Matted Rib

File Cut Rib

Stock Options

Straight Grip

Pistol Grip

Plain Stock No Oval

Gold Inlaid Initials

Gold Oval

Silver Oval

Leather Covered Recoil Pad

Metal Cap

Forend type Options

Splinter Forend

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