Servicing your gun is a vital part of ensuring its condition and longevity. Purdey offers a complete array of servicing options from the annual Strip & Regrease upwards. All repairs are estimated on an individual basis. We can advise on any required alterations or restoration as part of the service. For further information or to arrange a service, please contact Daisy Wales in the Purdey Gunroom on +44(0)20 3428 2121 or email

The shooting world has evolved enormously in recent years with game cartridges becoming much faster and heavier. As a result, guns are subjected to far greater wear than ever before, making regular servicing even more critical.

    As part of a regular maintenance service we would anticipate a gun requiring some of the standard services listed below:

    • Strip & Regrease: £390
    • Strip & Clean: £520
    • Strip & Clean – heavy rust: £650
    • Tighten locks and pins: £260
    • Tighten the action: £130
    • Regulate the ejectors: £260
    • Regulate triggers and pulls: £260
    • Wet weather clearance: £130

    All prices are exclusive of VAT.

    More complex repairs or alterations can be quoted for upon request.

    A Strip & Regrease is the minimum essential service for your Purdey gun. The lockwork and forend are removed and a visual inspection of the gun is performed. Any accumulated dirt or grease is removed before the components are regreased and the gun is shot and fully tested.

    The locks and forend are fully disassembled and any accumulated dirt or corrosion is removed. A full mechanical inspection of the gun, including the barrels, is carried out before being reassembled, with pins adjusted where necessary, and the components re-greased. The gun is then shot and fully tested.

    A Strip & Clean for a gun that is heavily corroded (rusty) might be recommended by our Craftsmen if the mechanism requires special care.

    Every shotgun or rifle is stripped down and thoroughly inspected by our senior craftsmen. They produce a comprehensive estimate which includes any mechanical adjustments, repairs or replacements required, which you will receive within two weeks.

    Purdey offers:

    • Action jointing or repair
    • Lock repair or replacement and fitting of new parts
    • Ejector service, repairs or replacement and fitting of new parts
    • Trigger service, repairs or replacement and fitting of new parts
    • Pin tightening or replacement
    • Top lever adjustment
    • Alteration to chokes (please note this may require the gun to be submitted for proof)
    • Other mechanical repairs

    Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

    Whether it is a repair, re-black or providing a replacement set of barrels, our highly skilled barrel makers would be happy to help with all your requests.

    During each repair, our barrel maker carefully looks for any pitting, dents, bulges or loose ribs. A full barrel inspection can also be specifically requested as part of a regular service.

    Purdey offers:
    • Repairs to barrels and ribs
    • Blacking of barrels
    • Fitting or replacement barrels
    • Proof testing

    Purdey is proud to offer a complete range of stocking services, which include:
    • Stock finishing, alterations and repair
    • Forend finishing and repair
    • Alterations to measurements
    • Extensions with wood, rubber heel pad or leather-covered heel pad

    Should you wish, we can also fit a new stock to your existing gun, using one of our hand-selected walnut blanks, which will be shaped and fitted to your exact requirements.

    Our craftsmen can fit and engrave new ovals. Additionally, we can, subject to the condition, age and history of the gun, advise on other engravings on the action and barrels.