The Purdey Post newspaper cover

The Making Of ‘The Purdey Post’

Purdey is all about the marriage of heritage and innovation, from our gunmanship to our tweeds. Which is what led us to the idea of a newspaper, to chronicle all of the above and more. 

The inaugural issue of The Purdey Post was printed at the end of 2022 – and as with everything we do here, it involved a considered amount of craft. As Purdey CEO and chairman Dan Jago said, on sending the pages off to the printer: “Purdey is all about experiences, and the experience of print on paper and turning the page will never cease to delight.”

For the first edition, the theme had to be all about the shooting world. We fine-tuned a storylist, which included advice from the team on what makes the best shot (sadly, there’s no magic bullet), and their tips according to each game season. A detailed rundown of the stages of gunmaking, honing in on the art of engraving and stocking. The fascinating story of the oldest gun in the Purdey collection; plus a showcase of our range of guns. 

Articles also made the cut on the surprising legacy behind Purdey tweed; and, how exactly our technical kit manages to keep you dry in a downpour. And, for one of the most qualified insider perspectives, there’s an interview with Annika Purdey, who shared her thoughts on what makes the brand so special, plus her dream guests for a fantasy Purdey dinner and where she sees us 50 years from now.

We commissioned seasoned writers and expert contributors, illustrative images, an editor and a designer, who all came together alongside the Purdey team to bring this world to life. The result is a publication of beautiful quality, and potentially the start of another great Purdey tradition in print. 

That said, Purdey is also very much about combining the old with the new. Hence, we have created a digital version of The Purdey Post, available for you to download at the link below and read at leisure on your screens.  

We hope you enjoy the first edition of The Purdey Post as much as we enjoyed making it. And, please do return here to our digital outpost, where we will continue to share new stories on a weekly basis. 

Click here to download the complete PDF of The Purdey Post, Issue 1