Get Your Gun Ready For The Season

Get Your Gun Ready For The Season

With just over a month until the Glorious Twelfth and the start of the shooting season, it’s the perfect time to start getting your kit in order. “The Purdey experience doesn’t end when you buy the gun,” says Aftersales Service Manager Jim Bryan, who has been with Purdey for over 30 years. “These are investment pieces, so ongoing engagement and aftercare is a key part of what we offer. It’s a show of our confidence in everything we do.” 

Taking good care of your equipment makes all the difference when out in the field, and this all starts with cleaning, a simple and effective way to ensure longevity and performance. We’ve put together straightforward guides, as well as maintenance kits for everything you’ll need to keep things pristine. 

Servicing is just as important, an essential part of the annual sporting routine. Purdey offers a range of servicing options, some focused specifically on the mechanics, barrels, stock or engraving, others on general maintenance. There are also two services designed for ease and time efficiency – especially for those who like to leave servicing to the final hour. 

For the quick one-hour check our team carries out a full assessment of your gun, before recommending any alterations or repairs. If the gun needs work, you can leave it at the factory in Hammersmith or return it whenever suits. Alternatively, the ‘speedy service’ is perfect for a last-minute overhaul: you’ll have the gun stripped, cleaned and back in your hands within one week. 

While we recommend a full service at the start or at the end of the season, these quick options provide an opportunity to keep your gun in top condition throughout the season too – and could mean the difference between a good shoot day and a really great one. 

Each Purdey comes with a five-year warranty, and Jim Bryan and his team continue to check in periodically post-purchase, offering servicing and repair as needed. With certain models, the team also encourages you to get hands-on with your gun. The Purdey Trigger Plate, for example, is designed with more accessible components, so you can engage with the gun yourself. 

You can find our gun care videos here, which show you step-by-step how to care for your stock and clean the action and barrels. The team is always available on a 1-1 basis, too. Our end goal is simply to better support you in the field. 

Find out more about Servicing & Repair, here. And browse out latest clothing & accessories to ensure you have your outdoor kit ready for the season, here.