The Royal Berkshire Gun Room

The Royal Berkshire Gun Room

Opening the Gun Room on Monday 15th June was a great and positive step. Like everybody, we had missed being open and so, having prepared everything to ensure we complied with all guidelines, it was great to be able to welcome  customers again.

During lockdown we were very busy dealing with many enquiries and our online sales. We also took the opportunity to make a number of exciting additions to our stock of new and second hand guns, the demand for which remains encouragingly strong. One thing that has also been very positive has been the number of air rifles that we have sold. Since we opened we have been selling guns to clients from all corners of the country and, for that matter, Europe and the USA. Interestingly, no matter who we have been talking with, the most common question is “what is new?” so, I thought I would take the opportunity to answer that very question.

In the world of cartridges, we can’t wait to see the arrival of Gamebore’s Dark Storm. This cartridge will feature their new (and ground breaking) Quad Seal. Just before lockdown, we visited the Gamebore factory. All I can say is…Wow! It is an amazing facility and their new “Quad Lock” wad, which is fully biodegradable, is remarkable. Our first delivery arrives in July, and we are taking orders for them now, as we know demand is going to be strong.

Looking at shotguns, Browning have launched their new B725 Sporter. We took the decision to order a number of these guns, they are now in stock and we are very impressed. Equally impressive and sought after has been the Weihrauch – HW110. Available in both ‘Karbine’ and standard laminated stocks, they are a very serious “bit of kit” and the feedback from our customers has been amazing.

Whilst in the subject of “kit” we now have the new Pulsar Thermion Scope XQ38 in the Gun Room. Combining thermal capabilities with the look of a standard daytime scope, we see these as amongst the very best on the market. Equally useful and impressive are the new stalking sticks from Blaser. With the rotating head for 20yds of lateral movement, they are recommended for anybody who shoots from sticks.

Finally let me update you on second-hand guns – we have taken in a number of lovely guns but the highlights (for now) must be:

A pair of Wilkes 12-Bore Side-by-Sides. Built in the 1990s they have 28” barrels and feature beautiful rose and scroll engraving with carved fences. Then there is a Purdey ‘Sporter’, 12-Bore with 30” barrels, built in 2008 it has a nice long stock. Looking at continental guns, last week we took in a stunning Blaser 12-Bore Baroness side plated Sporter which sits nicely alongside the Beretta 12bore EELL Classic. These are just a few of the guns we have in stock…but the best way to see what we have is to come and see us!

One last point…anyone wishing to get their guns serviced for the beginning of the season, DON’T leave it to 11th hour. Bring your gun in, have a free, no obligation appraisal and then you can decide what work  to get done. But do get your gun serviced – they will be nothing worse than being stood on your peg for the first drive and then your gun goes click…

I look forward to seeing many of you soon, but please ring me on 01491 672914 or email if I can be of help at all.