Roving Gun

Roving Gun

It is nearly October and nearly the start of the Pheasant season, something that felt a long way off just a few months ago!

As Gordon discusses in his article, it has been a tough year for the Grouse moors and so it has been a slightly slower start than normal for the Sporting Agency team.  However, the Really Wild team have still been very busy hosting days across all our estates and, at the same time, the team at the grounds have been flat out hosting a number of charity clay pigeon shoots.  It is wonderful to be so busy and it has been lovely to see so many people here at the grounds. Thank you to those people who have joined us on these days, it has been great fun!

So what of the season ahead? The prospects are good and we are all very positive. The early Partridge days have gone extremely well with teams enjoying some good weather and some exciting days in the field. As I have said before this is one of my favourite times of the year. The earlier dusks, the drop in temperatures and the slow start of Autumn mean we are really in the shooting season. It is great!

All I do and say is to encourage you to make the most of it and be sure to enjoy as much shooting as you can. As ever, the advice I offer it that you make sure you are properly prepared for your first day. Don’t get to the peg and realise your gun needs a service, your headphones don’t work, you need a new jacket or worse still, you haven't had any practice. Instead, give the team a call, book a lesson, drop into the Country Store or visit the Gun Room. Let us help you get the very most out of the coming season!


P.S. one final note, is to say a fond farewell to Amber, who is leaving us after 4 wonderful years.  We will miss her, her smile and her sense of humour.