So December is just around the corner, and with it the days get shorter, dusk comes earlier, and the trees shed the last of their leaves. But what does this mean for the shoots themselves?  Well, in truth, most shoots are now at their best. The birds are “well on”, the beaters and pickers up are in the groove and working like a well-oiled machine, the “signature drives” performing well, the new drives are making their reputation and, hopefully, the guns are rising to the challenge. 

The team here at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School have enjoyed a very, very busy autumn.  Yes, we have endured a few “two coat days” but we have also enjoyed all that makes the sport of shooting so special, whether it be here at the grounds or “on the peg” with a client.  The thrill of seeing somebody become a better shot and, in so doing, get so much more out of their day is hard to describe.  But it is what gives the team their greatest pleasure.  We love welcoming new faces to shooting whether it be on our Young Shots Course or The Purdey Ladies Day, but we also take great pride in pushing the experienced shot to get better and better.

But bear in mind that sometimes the work to become a better shot can be done away from your lesson, or before the first shot on a shoot.  The importance of having the right combination of cartridge and choke is something about which I possess an almost evangelical zeal. The new pattern plates at the School allow us to demonstrate what cartridge works best through your gun. The results can be, at times, very surprising. Equally, there can come a time when you need to consider whether your gun is the right gun for you. The difference it makes when your gun fits you and compliments your style of shooting can be staggering. Hence, at this time of year we are seeing so many people come and visit Alastair in the Gun Room.

So, with the holidays on the horizon, there is plenty to look forward to, not least the Boxing Day shoot (my favourite day of the season).  Of course, the run up to Christmas can be somewhat stressful, not least when it comes to finding the perfect present.  With that in mind do speak with Georgie about our Christmas experience vouchers, Jess for some ideas from the Country Store, or Alastair to purchase one of our special Christmas Gun Packages .  But then again, why not spoil yourself and come and join us for a festive celebration? Speak to Katie now to book your Christmas Shooting Package.

It remains for me to wish you many more happy and safe days shooting and to remind you that, if you do go shooting, please be sure to support the work of The British Game Alliance and ensure you take some game home with you.