Roving Gun

Roving Gun

[caption id="attachment_5773" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Jonathan Irby, Managing Director of The Royal Berkshire Shooting School Jonathan Irby, Managing Director of The Royal Berkshire Shooting School[/caption]

Wow, what a past month we have had!  Every part of the business has been wonderfully busy with the events season coming to an end, the demand for lessons has been greater than ever, the gun room seeing new stock arrive and sell on the same day and the country store enjoying some great success with all the new lines we have introduced.  Alongside all of this the Sporting Agency team have been flat out travelling all around the country and even into Spain to host days.

As Matt writes, we have hosted a number of teams in Spain over the last few weeks and I was lucky enough to look after a brilliant team of guns who were enjoying their first trip to shoot in Spain.  We took them to the stunning Las Golindrinas, near the historic town of Caceres ( 2 hours from Madrid) and we were all blown away by the quality of the shooting, the outstanding hospitality and the warmth of the welcome we received from our wonderful host Fernando Díaz de Bustamante, his family and his team.  It was a simply wonderful trip and I can whole heartedly recommend it to anybody keen to shoot abroad. 

Elsewhere we are delighted to welcome some new faces to the team, not least Hannah Bowles in the Gun Room, who has been with us for a few weeks and you will learn more about later in this newsletter.  But also Emilia who joins us on Reception and in the Country Store.  They, like us all, look forward to seeing you here at the school and wish you a very happy and safe day on the peg whenever that next is.