Roving Gun

Roving Gun


Looking up the valley, I can honestly say I have never seen the grounds looking better. The hard work of the team, during and since lockdown, along with the splendid sunshine and recent (and much needed) rain, means the Shooting School is looking quite stunning. What is so encouraging is that, whether it is to shoot or to visit the Gun Room and Country Store, more and more people are coming to the grounds.

June was busy and, in fact, the last two weeks were wonderfully busy, not least as last Saturday saw the end of the qualifying period for The 2020 Handicap Challenge. A competition is nothing without the shooters and the sponsors and so I must thank everybody who took part and recognise and thank our very generous sponsors: Browning, LA Porte, Gamebore and Purdey. The results can be seen on our website and we look forward to announcing the details of the Final, which is going to be held in early September.

Looking ahead, we continue to follow all guidelines issued by the government. The great news is that, following the alteration to a minimum social distance of 1 metre, we are able to start offering private tuition, gun fitting and pattern testing to experienced shots with their own guns. We regret we are not able to provide lessons for novices but, rest assured, we look forward to the day we are able to do so. Alongside our lessons we continue to offer “the Driving Range” which is an ideal means of practice and for the competitive amongst you our 10/10 Challenge has been set for the month of July…but with a slight twist. For July and August we are offering cash prizes and with no restriction on the number of times you can enter… why not book in?

Casting an eye ahead to the game season, we remain cautiously optimistic about the Grouse season and so we have been working hard on the Grouse Butts with all three now in operation. So if you are lucky enough to have some days on the moor, please do book in and come and make sure you are fully prepared for your first day on “the fell”. All three butts offer greater practice and with over 20 traps set, there can be no better place to warm up!

Looking through the rest of this months newsletter you will see the team are busy and there are plenty of reasons to come and visit us or contact us. Whether it is to book your shooting, enquire about a gun or simply book a lesson, do get in touch. Until then, I sincerely hope you and your family remains safe and well and enjoy the coming summer months.

Best wishes