The end of January and the end of the season, but still very much the start of 2020.  But what a season we have just enjoyed: some brilliant days in the field with the Sporting Agency, some great events such as our Young Shots courses and thousands of lessons with new and old clients alike. The team here at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School are very lucky to work in the shooting world. It is a world that sees us work in some amazing places and allows us to share our love of shooting with so many passionate people. So, to everybody who came to visit us whether it be for a lesson, a practice round or to visit the shop, thank you.  The shooting world is very special and all of us who shoot have so much to be proud of and positive about!

As Ben says in his article, it has certainly been a VERY wet season. These last few days are the first few sunny cold days that I can remember. Yes… the rain has helped many shoots hold their birds and allowed them to show some exceptional shooting, but I must admit I have enjoyed the clear crisp mornings and seeing some frost on the ground. I am quite sure the team are also glad for a break in the rain. 

Looking ahead there is plenty happening at The Royal Berkshire. We have just launched our exciting “Species Challenge” which see guns shooting five exhilarating simulated flushes and features some wonderful weekly prizes. No sooner will that finish than the Handicap Challenge starts in the first week of March, with huge thanks to our very kind sponsors Gamebore, Laporte and Browning, who have yet again been fantastically generous. The Really Wild team have already got over a dozen days planned and booked, with our spring Roving Days proving exceptionally popular and the planning is well under way for a summer of hugely enjoyable Charity events (the tastings for the summer menu with Wild Fork were a real treat).

It remains for me to wish those of you lucky enough to have a few days left some very safe and happy shooting and to encourage the rest of you to come and visit us. Try your hand at the Species Challenge or take up our “3 for 2” offer on lessons, and of course with the end of season sale on in our Country Store….you must remember you really can never have too much shooting kit!