Spring is here and with it the start of many exciting things.  Not least the Really Wild ‘Season’ with our first syndicate day for 16 guns held last week at the beautiful Well Barn estate.  For those mourning the end of the game season, this is the perfect remedy - for some it is a brilliant way of enjoying some very social sport in the spring and summer months, whilst for others it is an exciting day’s shooting which they have not yet experienced.  The team, led by Robert, make sure our Really Wild days are the very best simulated shooting days you can find.  They are run like a real shoot day, with every effort made to ensure every drive offers every gun plenty of fantastic shooting.  Here at the Royal Berkshire we still use manual traps on our simulated days as they ensure the best shooting.  For those of you who have shot with us before, be sure to book your day or your peg on a syndicate day.  If you have not yet shot on a Really Wild day please do contact us to learn more!

Across the business the Gun Room team have been flat out with clients bringing in their guns for an end of season service.  For those of you who have yet to do so….NOW is the time to get your gun serviced…NOT one week before your fist days game shooting next season.  So, please, do make the most of the brilliant service Alastair and Mikey offer by bringing your gun in for a service.  Equally, with the Gun Room holding an impressive range of demonstration guns from Blaser, Beretta, Browning and Grulla, if you are thinking about changing guns, now is the perfect time and, what is more, you can try before you buy.  Even if you do not need to have your gun serviced, there is plenty for you to discover in the Country Store, not least the spring and summer collection from Barbour, which we love.

And what of the School itself.  The team are busy working up the valley, clearing parts of the woods to open up some exciting new shooting areas and, when not doing that, they have been busy with our Handicap Challenge. This competition, which is very generously sponsored by Browning, Laporte and Gamebore, is ideal for all shooters of all abilities as it gives every competitor a handicap which ensures their final scores is fair and reflects their ability and experience.  Set over the grounds and including the Times Tower it is a unique competition and one that is well worth taking part. So do contact us to book in. 

So, as you can see, plenty going on and plenty to look forward to!