Established over 50 years ago, Blaser is a German manufacturer who, until recently, were perhaps best known for their amazingly innovative straight-pull centre fire rifles – the R93 and the R8.  However, in 2003 they launched the F3 Shotgun (F for Flinte which is the German for shotgun and 3 for the year it was launched). It very quickly became hugely popular thanks, in part, to its modular build which meant you could have multiple barrel sets and alter barrel and stock weights.  The result was that, within a short period of time Blaser, has established itself alongside some of the best known and oldest brands in the business.

Fast Forward to 2016 and the F16  was released and, because it was not a modular gun, the “on-the-road price” was much lower.  There are Game and Sporter models with both being properly geared to their specific purposes with the stock dimensions differing between models. All the models come in various grades from plain / no engraving to those with beautifully custom-engraved sideplates.  As one would expect from such a company, they all come with a 10 year warranty (which needs to be registered) which is a very strong selling point.  That being said it is unlikely it will be required.  Another strength to the Blaser camp is they offer a service to update older second hand guns and service them issuing a certificate to say as much.  

It is with all of this in mind and in light of the ever growing popularity that we are pleased to announce that we have purchased three demonstration guns for our customers to try on a lesson or practice round.  Please contact us in advance on 01491 672914 to ensure availability.

The guns are:

12-Bore F3 30”

12-Bore F16 Sporter with 30” Barrels

12-Bore F16 Game with 30” Barrels

Prices start from £2783.00