The RB Gun Room is now stocking Armi Piotti shotguns. Beautifully made to your specification and measurements, prices start from £15,500.

Armi Piotti produce a wonderful range of guns, including over and under, side by side, and self-cocking, ejecting hammerguns.

The Piotti story began in the early sixties, when the founders Araldo and Faustino Piotti were building their first signature shotguns, spending many hours at the workbench.

Today, Piotti’s workshop is a family run company with only 14 people, producing a very small number of guns. The four Piotti Brothers; Manuel, Fabio, Sergio and Rudy, are successfully combining traditional and modern production methods to become a beacon for all fine art gun lovers.

Piotti are a company where high technology and manual craftmanship come together at the bench. Come and see the examples we have in the Gun Room, or contact Alastair on alastair@rbss.co.uk or 01491 672914 for more details.