What better way to keep the children entertained during the Christmas holidays than with a day here at the Royal Berkshire?

Our next Purdey Young Shots Day, held on Wednesday 18th December, is a day of shotgun and air rifle shooting which also teaches essentials elements of safety, etiquette and gun care. 


9.15am      Arrival for Bacon Rolls in the Purdey Gallery

9.30am     Basic Introduction to the Day
Our senior Royal Berkshire instructor will introduce himself and any other instructors and run through the format for the day.  He will then issue everybody with a cap, some earplugs and safety glasses.

Depending on number of Young Shots we will split the groups according to age and then head out into the valley for three different sessions:

Safety & Etiquette

This session teaches the essential safety aspects of shooting and ensures all our Young Shots understand the importance of safety. It covers off basic gun handling, use of safety equipment and the key rules of shooting.

Shotgun Tuition

This session focus on developing the shotgun shooting skills of the Young Shots.  Using one of our many shotguns suitable for younger shots (.410, 28 Bore, 20 Bore and 12 Bore), the instructors will teach according to the experience of the Young Shot, building both confidence and technique.

Air Rifle Tuition

The third session provides a chance for the Young Shots to learn basic skills of “rifle” shooting, by being taught how to shoot an Air Rifle with a Telescopic sight.  It is a fun but different shooting discipline. 

12.30pm   Lunch is served
Three sessions complete, the group comes together for lunch.

1.15pm      Afternoon Shooting
After lunch, and following a quick briefing and review of the day, the groups head out for an afternoon of Clay Pigeon Shooting.  This concludes with some fun team flushes.

3.30pm    Gun Cleaning
Shooting complete, we then show the Young Shots how to clean a gun and review the days learning.  This is followed by presentation of Certificates and Purdey Caps

4.00pm    Depart

Spaces are priced at £100 and include both breakfast, lunch and a Purdey cap.

To book please contact Wendy at 01491 672900 or wendy@rbss.co.uk