Dear All The Purdey Effect As we approach the first anniversary of our partnership with James Purdey & Sons, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the positive changes that have already been made: The Gun Shop - we have been extremely fortunate that  Alastair Phillips left behind the Streets of London, specifically St James’s where he ran the William Evans Gun Room for many years, to come and take over our Gun Room. He has significantly increased the range of makes and our stock of  guns and you can now view them on online HERE. Alastair  has also worked with Jessica and Jack to expand and improve the stock of the Country Store .  If you’re thinking of buying a gun, clothing or other shooting supplies, or simply want to learn more about what’s available, do be sure to pop in to see us. School Guns - 2019 has welcomed a total refresh of our School gun stock, with over 30 new guns for our clients to use. We are able to offer a wide choice of Browning, Beretta, Miroku and Yildiz guns, with a range of calibres,  stock lengths and barrel lengths to suit any shape or size. Purdey Shotguns  - are now on display in the shop and also available for trial and demonstration which can be arranged by appointment.If you are interested just let us know when you make your booking. The Purdey Grouse Moor- our best kept secret! In addition to the original J&B  grouse stand we have built a brand new Purdey Grouse Moor. Clients now have the opportunity to shoot birds "out the back ”  and the most unique and realistic of the lot : where you have to actually  shoot down on the grouse.  Whatever you have thought before about shooting clays that are trying to replicate grouse, "The Purdey Grouse Moor” will make your jaw drop and prepare you for anything you might find out on the Hill. The Fox Tower- located at the top of the Valley, this was rebuilt in late last year and offers some of the best in simulated pheasant for those that fancy a change from the  stratospheric ones from The Times Tower! Sport Abroad – Gordon and Ben in the Sporting Agency are now proud to offer some of the most exciting bird shooting in Africa as the Agency continues to expand. This is in addition to the nine Estates we already act for in Spain. Do contact them HERE to find out more about this Sporting Holiday of a lifetime. The Purdey Stone Butt- The newest addition to the Royal Berkshire grounds. Located near the Lodge, you can’t fail to miss it as you head out to shoot. This handmade stone Grouse Butt is truly a work of art and was to built to celebrate the next chapter in Royal Berkshire history with the Purdey acquisition.  The perfect place for a summer selfie or group photo to give you a souvenir from your shooting event. So, exciting times ahead for the Royal Berkshire! We look forward to continuing to be the country’s finest shooting school and the ultimate "one stop shop" for all matters shooting! Kind regards Dylan