Sweet Cured Grouse

by Shopify API

Sweet cured grouse with elderberries, wild mushrooms, brown butter and fava beans

Mix all cure ingredients together and cure the grouse breasts for two hours.

To make the berry and mushroom garnish, cook the mushrooms in butter. Once this is done add the berries along with the brandy. Reduce down for 1 minute before adding the fresh thyme leaves. Thicken with a cold nob of butter.

To make the brown butter emulsion, melt the butter in a heavy bottomed pan. Leave until the butter stops bubbling and turns a deep brown colour. You may now leave it to cool down to room temperature. In a stand mixer, add the egg yolks, vinegar and sugar, whisking well and slowly add the oil to help it emulsify. Lastly slowly miz in a little water and butter.

To finish, we created a melted veal stock reduction. It should be thick, smooth, and taste really savory. Matched with the acidic berry brandy garnish, the two flavor compounds are a triumph with the grouse.

Cook the sweet cured grouse quickly in a pan with some burnt butter, leaving it to rest. Remember it has been cured so do not add any additional salt and it will not need to rest time for a long period of time.

To plate put the garnish on the dish, carve the cooked breast and place on top of. Along with the burnt butter, place a small aount of the fava beans on the dish. Finish with chickweed and wood sorrel.

Created by Oliver Gladwin, co-owner and Head Chef at @rabbit_resto (website here)



Serves 12

6 grouse breasts

For the cure

200g salt

200g demerara sugar

20g black peppercorns

20g juniper

4 star anise

Handful of lovage stalks

4 bay leaves

Orange zest

For the berry and mushroom garnish

20g butter

120g wild mushrooms (cep)

300g elderberries

100ml cider brandy (Kingston black)

2 sprigs of picked thyme

For the brown butter emulsion

250g burnt butter

3 egg yolks

200ml oil

40ml sherry vinegar

20g sugar

80ml demi glaze veal stock

60ml water


For the fava beans

Pod 300g broad beans, blanch and 2nd pod. Dehydrate. Alternatively, buy pre-prepared fava beans.

Season with shallot salt and cider vinegar