Part A:

Set the oven to 14˚C.

Cover baking trays with baking parchment so that they are oven-ready. In a food processor blitz the almonds and icing sugar together for 5 seconds. After this add the egg white and put to one side.

Part B:

Boil the sugar and water to 118 deg C, try to be as accurate as possible by using a temperature probe. Just before the sugar reaches a few degrees, start whisking the second measured egg whites. Allow the sugar to stop bubbling and slowly pour over the whisking egg whites. To create the meringue add all the sugar syrup, whisk whilst adding the powdered colouring.

In a separate bowl, mix the two parts A and B together thoroughly. Put the combined mix into a piping bag. Pipe out the macaroons onto the paper and allow to stand for 10 minutes. Then bake for 18 minutes. Allow to totally cool before removing from parchment and store in an air tight container. You can use a variety of fillings to sandwich the macaroons together, the choice is yours.