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“Possibly the finest over-and-under design ever conceived.”

The Purdey Sporter is our original design to meet the demands of the modern shooter. First launched in 2008, the original Purdey Sporter combined our centuries of gunmaking experience with 21-st century technology in a world-class design, working in collaboration with Perugini & Visini. In 2022, we made the decision to bring this design entirely in-house, creating an entirely London-made Sporter.

As with all of our new shotguns, the Purdey Sporter is steel proofed as standard. This critical requirement in the modern shooting environment, both here in the UK and around the world, provides piece of mind and flexibility when buying any of our guns.

Developed in-house by our team of craftsmen, the Purdey Sporter is the first model in our range of guns to incorporate our special anti-corrosion coating. This special coating is applied to all the internal parts of the action, providing valuable protection against rust. Given the very fine tolerances on our all our guns, rust can be the cause of a large number of mechanical and functional problems, and represents a great leap forward in our gunmaking.

The Field magazine described the original Sporter as possibly the finest over-and-under designed ever conceived. The new second generation Sporter has been redesigned with an elegant, low-profiled action, and a non-detachable trigger-mechanism. For the first time, it also has its own Rose & Scroll engraving pattern. This new design is an innovation of our traditional Rose & Scroll engraving pattern, which we have been using on our guns for nearly one hundred and fifty years. It now also means that the Purdey Sporter is fully incorporated within our range of shotguns.

The new Purdey Sporter also incorporates many of the lessons we have learnt from our award-winning Trigger-Plate action. This includes a reduced barrel weight, which has resulted in a lighter, well-balanced and better handling gun. This is a great concern of many shooters and has been one of the key hallmarks of our guns for over two hundred years.

The Purdey Sporter comes with Teague removable chokes included in the price, although the client can choose to have fixed chokes if desired. This exceptionally strong and durable gun has been designed with the rigours of modern shooting in mind and is perfectly suited to handling very high volumes of cartridges.

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