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For owners of Purdey shotguns and rifles

For 200 years, James Purdey & Sons has been synonymous with the unrivalled craftsmanship of the world’s best shotguns and rifles. Every Purdey owner carries a piece of our history with them, and by registering with us you will become part of our community, our heritage and our future, as we look forward to the next 200 years.

Registering your gun or rifle will enable us to offer you a bespoke service to maintain your Purdey in impeccable condition and to support your interest in the shooting community.  It will also allow you to benefit from relevant services and invitations to special events. 

We invite you to register your Purdey or Woodward ownership by completing a short form. Once we have received this we will start to send you information about Purdey Owners Club offers and events.

We offer the following services to Purdey Owners: 

Store your Purdey at Audley House

For your convenience, we will be delighted to store your Purdey shotgun or rifle in the security of the Gun Store at Audley House.  Our storage service includes insurance whilst your shotgun or rifle is in our care.  We can also arrange transport of your Purdey to your home, estate or designated address in readiness for the day’s shooting. 

Cleaning and inspection

We offer cleaning and inspection services at preferential rates to registered owners.


Using Purdey cartridges gives you the reassurance that you have the most suitable cartridges for your Purdey and for your event.  The full range is available from Audley House .

Advice on provenance

Every Purdey tells a story, from the craftsmen’s initials carved into the lock plate, to the original specifications recorded in our Dimensions Books.
Once you are registered as a Purdey Owner not only can we advise on provenance, right down to the men who first stocked and finished it, but we can also chronicle your Purdey’s history in our Register.
Keeping an accurate account of your Purdey, its whereabouts, ownership, and usage, is one of the surest and most fascinating ways of maintaining its value.

Obtain a valuation

With access to Purdey archives, registers and auction records, no one is better placed to value your Purdey than the Gun Team at Audley House.

Exclusive invitations to special events

From time to time, we host events specifically for Purdey owners.. These are wonderful ways to become part of the history of Purdey, and to meet others who cherish our way of life. Once you are a registered owner we will send you information and invitations.

Have your shotgun or rifle serviced by our craftsmen 

As a Purdey Owner, we will be pleased to assist you with the scheduling of a pre- or post-season clean and inspection  of  your shotgun or rifle.

Repairs in the Purdey workshop

Should your shotgun or rifle need repair or attention, our craftsmen are best placed to assess and agree a fully bespoke service, to ensure your Purdey is restored to full working condition.  

These are just some of the many advantages to registering. To let us know you are a Purdey Owner and to register your gun or rifle with a member of our Gunroom teamclick here

There is no charge for becoming an inaugural member of the Purdey Owners' community. Further details and service fees can be discussed with the Gunroom team.

Please note that Terms & Conditions are applied to the above services. Should you wish to make arrangements, please contact us via the enquiry form.


Our Gunroom team at Audley House in Mayfair would be delighted to meet you and discuss your requirements

The Purdey Brochure

The Purdey Brochure

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