Damascus Guns

Side by sides and over and unders, forged from more than a hundred layers of Damascene steel

When James Purdey began his apprenticeship in 1798, best London gunmakers forged Damascus barrels for flintlocks out of nails from old horseshoes. These were thought to have been toughened by the heavy wear they’d endured. They were heated up, hammered into strips, and then beaten around rods known as mandrels.

Purdey’s all-Damascus gun is a world-first. Yours will be hand-crafted in Hammersmith, using damascene steel alloy forged in Sweden from more than a hundred layers, which gives the distinctive Damascus pattern. With exceptional purity and strength, it lends itself to the rigours of proof and long service.

There is no need to engrave a Damascus gun, as each one is uniquely patterned. We simply name and number them, with either conventional lettering or gold inlay. 

The all-damascus gun is available in side-by-side or over-and-under configuration.

The Damascus Legend

‘Damascus’ steel dates back to ancient Syria, where the many layered, beautifully patterned metal was revered for its unsurpassed strength. Such was the secrecy surrounding the original forging methods, which are now lost, that to reveal the technique was punishable by death. 

According to legend, a Damascus sword was so sharp it could cleave through metal. Drop a hair across the blade, and it would fall cleanly in two. 

Available in side-by-side and over-and-under configurations


12, 20, 28 on dedicated action sizes


2 3/4", & 3" (70 & 76mm)


Demi-bloc barrels 28", 29", 30" (71cm, 74cm, 76cm)


Fixed or Teague choke tubes


Solid game rib


Ultra round bar

Traditional square bar also available


Non-selective single trigger

Double triggers with optional spring bladed front


Flat or beaded edge


Automatic or non-automatic


Straight or pistol grip

Chequered butt or leather covered recoil pad

Heel & Toe pieces

Gold or silver oval

Inlaid gold letters

Engraving & Finish

J Purdey & Sons in gold on barrels, option of J Purdey & Sons on lock plates
Weights of Guns

Over and Under


7lb 4oz (3.29kg) - 7lb 14oz (3.58kg)


6lb 6oz (2.89kg) - 6lb 12oz (3.06kg)


5lb 10oz (2.55kg) - 6lb (2.72kg

Side by Side


6lb 6oz (2.89kg) - 6lb 12oz (3.06kg)


5lb 15oz (2.69kg) - 6lb 4oz (3.00kg)


5lb 2oz (2.32kg) - 5lb 8oz (2.49kg)


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The Purdey Brochure

The Purdey Brochure

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