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The Steel Sika


The Steel Sika offers optimum edge retention and dexterity for use in the processing of game.

The blade steel is a stainless powder metal called ‘AEB-L’, which was originally developed for the production of razor blades, but is now used for the production of high end knives. The steel is hardened, tempered and cryogenically treated in liquid nitrogen, to 59.5 HRC (Rockwell scale of hardness) creating its renowned high sharpness, wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance properties.

The handle is made using Exhibition grade Desert Iron wood with mosaic Purdey pins and Jimping on the spine for added grip. Each knife comes complete with a handmade leather sheath, which is moulded to each knife for the most secure fit.

22.5mm wide and 125mm (5 inch) length blade.

These blades are four times sharper than a surgical scalpel and are built using only the highest quality steel and the unique skills of hardening and tempering. Final hand-sharpening and leather stropping helps to produce an industry leading edge.

Each knife comes with a leather sharpener, ID card and oil. Please note the oil is only available for delivery within the UK. We regret that we cannot ship anywhere else due to shipping restrictions.

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