Unravelling Purdey Tweed

07 Sep 2018

Unravelling Purdey Tweed

What is Tweed?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between tartan and tweed? Simply put, tartan relates to particular families or clans, and tweed, or Estate Tweed, is created for a specific estate or piece of land. Estate tweeds were designed to provide camouflage so that a hunter would blend into the terrain - grey hues for rocky areas and brown and purple for grouse moors. Tweed is all about colour, and unexpected threads combine to produce a richly woven blend. Dressing out the warp at Lovat Mill Shop men's tweed Shop ladies tweed  

Scottish origins

Scotland has been the heart of tweed production for centuries due to the quality of the local wool and the pristine, clear waters that the fabrics are washed in. Despite the abundance of modern fabrics and production technologies, tweed has maintained its title as the field-sports fabric of choice due to the tightly woven, dense nature that makes it a performance fabric. It manages to stay warm when wet and dries very quickly – a necessity in unpredictable British weather! Set on the banks of the River Teviot, Lovat Mill plays host to the production of Purdey tweed. Known worldwide for its reputation for woven excellence, they produce tweed of the highest design and quality. The mill was started centuries ago when wool from local sheep was used and water was drawn from the river for production. Today, the mill has adapted to produce the modern iteration of a craft that’s been handed down through generations. Woven by Lovat Mill

The Purdey Tweed

Lovat Mill has worked with Purdey to design and develop an exclusive product that is tailored to the Purdey clientele. This Autumn Winter, the colour palette was inspired by the feathers of England’s most infamous game bird, the cock pheasant. The Bywell tweed was even named after the 2017 Purdey Awards Winner – The Bywell Estate. colour components in tweed cloth design

Technical Tweed

Alongside the traditional tweed in the Autumn Collection, Purdey has introduced a new Technical Tweed. The advantages are numerous, being lighter, more durable and hardwearing than traditionally woven tweed. This is achieved through Lovat’s unique process of weaving a small percentage of nylon threads between the woollen fibres. The fibres naturally lock together during weaving and washing, providing a strong and flexible cloth. This new tweed, called Bembridge, can be found on several items of the menswear range, from the field coat to breeks. To ensure the garments are water repellent, the tweed is given a Teflon® coating, meaning the water beads and rolls off. The Field Coat has an additional Sympatex drop liner, ensuring that the most essential piece of shooting kit is breathable, waterproof and windproof. Understanding the tradition, level of quality and technological advances that go into a Purdey tweed means you will not be disappointed when you take it out in the field. Weaving tweed at Lovat Mill