Montblanc x Purdey Meisterstück Great Masters Collaboration

24 Oct 2018

Montblanc x Purdey Meisterstück Great Masters Collaboration

Purdey Welcomes Collaboration with Montblanc

Montblanc has worked together with James Purdey and Sons for its latest editions, drawing on the expertise, artistry and heritage of the great British brand. Crafted from the finest materials with great attention to detail, the three new Montblanc editions feature the world-renowned artisanal metal engraving and wood carving that make Purdey shotguns and rifles elaborate works of art, celebrated for their ornamental expertise.    

Limited Edition 9

The first Meisterstück Great Masters, James Purdey & Sons Limited Edition 9 celebrates the beauty of Africa. The limitation number represents the different stages of craftsmanship that go into the creation of every Purdey piece as well as the steps of the customer journey from developing an idea to delivering the finished piece to its new owner two years later. Limited Edition 9 fountain pen is made of vintage solid yellow gold blackened with a special treatment and adorned with gold engravings of the most iconic animals of the African continent, including a rhinoceros, a buffalo and a lion. The hand-engraved fittings in yellow gold accentuate the contrast with the dark surface of the cap and barrel. A miniature rose and scroll design adorns the 18K yellow gold nib, and the clip is embellished with an intricate delicate design. The traditional Montblanc emblem at the summit of the cap is a 0.4ct Montblanc diamond. The gold nameplate on the cone of the writing instrument can be personalized with the owner’s initials.  

Limited Edition 81

The limitation number of the Meisterstück Great Masters James Purdey & Sons Limited Edition 81 marks the year 1881, when Purdey moved to Audley House in London’s Mayfair and where it is still situated to this day. The white solid gold cap has been intricately engraved by hand with a small Purdey rose and scroll design, and enhanced with a solid yellow gold inlay of two flying red grouse, an iconic game bird. A technique shared by both Montblanc and Purdey to highlight the beauty of precious metal engraving, the blackening process applied to the cap adds depth to the elegant design.    

Special Edition

Crafted from the same Turkish walnut wood that is meticulously treated, carved and finished by the artisans of Purdey. Hand selected for its straightness of grain, figure and colour, the precious wood is carved with a signature Purdey chequering pattern and decorated with a metal inlay featuring a rose and scroll design. The same design is etched on the fountain pen’s 18K ruthenium-coated nib, and the cone is embellished with an engraved ring. Evoking the brass plates used to personalize every Purdey piece, the brass metal plate on the side of the pen’s barrel is delicately engraved with the iconic Purdey starburst. An unmistakable seal of fine European craftsmanship, the Montblanc star emblem in mother-of-pearl and onyx crowns both the special edition fountain pen and roller ball pen. The Special Edition is the only edition that can be purchased online.  

The Complete Writing Experience

Montblanc has introduced a Fine Stationery Notebook in a brown vegetable tanned leather that is used in Purdey’s luxury luggage range. The accompanying light brown ink was specially developed to accompany the Great Masters fountain pen and is lightly scented with a whiskey smell, inspired by the British lifestyle with which Purdey is synonymous. Additionally, Montblanc has created a pair of Meisterstück Great Masters, James Purdey & Sons Limited Cufflinks Edition 18 in white gold. The rose and scroll pattern on the oval cufflinks is embellished with a yellow inlay of the famous red grouse, the sought-after bird.