2018 Winners

The Gold Award was won by the Howesyke Shoot, Yorkshire for their work in woodland and heather restoration, as well as the successful black grouse reestablishment scheme. The Brown family were presented with the annual Purdey Awards Trophy, the Gold Award and a cheque for £5,000.

The Silver Award was received by Burnham Thorpe Shoot, Norfolk for their success in creating and blending a grey partridge project with a traditional syndicate shoot. Mr. Zoll and his team have achieved great success in creating and managing a syndicate shoot that has generated and now sustains a viable and ongoing grey partridge population.

Purdey Award Winner 2018 Silver Burnham Thorpe Norfolk

The Bronze Award was awarded to Whitburgh Farms, Midlothian for making notable changes to their shoot to create an extensive wildlife habitat and thereby demonstrating the feasibility of such projects being replicable by other farmers on a smaller scale.

Purdey Awards 2018 Bronze Winner Whitburgh Farms