2017 Winners

Viscount Allendale, and his son the Hon Wentworth Beaumont, owners of the Bywell Estate, were presented with the 2017 Purdey Annual Trophy and the £5,000 Gold Award, for their work in turning a reared pheasant shoot into a wild game shoot with a sustainable population of wild grey partridge and pheasant. The Shoot sits on 3,700 acres, with the 1,300 acres of remaining land run as a syndicate shoot, members being drawn from within the local community.

In second place, winning the 2017 Purdey Silver Award and £3,000, is farmer and former game keeper Graham Denny with his Brewery Farm, near Stowmarket in Suffolk. What’s really exceptional about Brewery Farm is the quality of the environment around the shoot. This is thanks to the Denny family taking such a close interest in the farm’s overall biodiversity.

In third place, winning the 2017 Bronze Award and £2,000, is Lindisfarne Wildfowling Management Group in recognition of their outstanding work in having a wholly sustainable operation on the land, which also supports a public nature reserve. Thanks to the strong public access attracting over 500,000 visitors a year, Lindisfarne Wildfowling Management Group is wholly sustainable.