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Bring your own purdey home to audley house for storage, service, or valuation

Who better to look after your gun than its maker? For £480 (including VAT) a year, we will safely store your gun in Mayfair.
It’s a very handy service. Particularly if you live in or near London, or spend much of your time abroad.

When possible, we can arrange for your gun to be delivered to you. Or you can simply collect it from us here at Audley House.
All guns in our care are cleaned and oiled on arrival, receive a visual check to make sure there is no damage, and are insured against damage, fire or theft.

    At Audley House we offer a full strip and clean service: locks and forend are stripped down, rust and grime removed, mechanism re-greased, pins tightened and external pins re-blued where necessary.

    Whilst fully stripped, your gun will be inspected by a senior craftsman who will provide an estimate for any extra work that might be required.
    Our full strip and clean starts at £360 plus VAT.

    All fine guns should be insured, and we can carry out an insurance valuation for you.

    If you are interested in selling a gun, we can help with detailed condition reports, or in piecing together its ownership history. Our ledger books date back to 1818, and are the most complete in London.

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