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Scrimshaw Folding Knife - Big Five


Please note that every scrimshaw engraving is unique. The images on the red leather are the most recent.

Scrimshaw engraving originated on whaling boats in the early 18th century and is now recognised as an art form in its own right, making it highly prized and collectable.

The mammoth bone handle was sourced from a skeleton that laid buried and preserved in the Siberian permafrost. The Big Five scrimshaw engraving was done by hand, taking around fifty hours.

The release and indent ball is made from Silicon Nitride (HRC93), a material developed for the American Space Programme in the 1950s. It is almost diamond-hard and the moving components will never degrade or need oiling.

The blade is crafted from DAMASTEEL, a powder technology stainless Damascus steel. The fine grain structure offers unsurpassed sharpness and strength after cryogenic quenches and a double tempering cycle.

The bolsters are created from the Gibeon Meteorite, which crashed into the Namibian desert 2.5 million years ago. It has a natural crystal structure that gives a striking and unusual patterning, complementing the markings of the Damascus steel.

The knife is presented in a walnut case, handmade in London by a cabinet maker, using one of our gunstock blanks and lined in red goatskin leather. A folding magnifying glass sits alongside the knife, and both come in a leather sheath, handmade from Russian leather that was found on the shipwreck of the Metta Catherina. They are both stamped with the 1786 date of the shipwreck, and the knife is hand-numbered.

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