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MacNab Folding Knife Discovery Box


The Macnab challenge originated in the 1925 adventure novel 'John Macnab'. The modern challenge requires participants to bag a salmon, a stag and a brace of grouse in one day, between dawn and dusk. It is a thrilling test of skill and is the ultimate sporting challenge. All the elements of this discovery box were designed in reverence to the legend. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, limited to 1/1.

The Folding Knife
A large ball-release lock knife with handles of M315 stainless steel, grade V titanium liners and Silicon Nitride (93 HRC) release and indent ball, which was developed for use in the space programme. The stain resistant Swedish DAMASTEEL blade was hardened then cryogenically quenched in liquid nitrogen and double tempered for maximum edge holding ability and strength.

Each side of the knife is engraved with the Macnab scenes and includes inlays of platinum, copper and green, rose, white and yellow gold.

Blade: 10cm, scales: 12cm

The Compass
The handheld Liquid Prismatic Compass has been used by many defence forces around the world for many years. It is highly accurate and shock resistant, built to withstand the toughest conditions. It has all the features required for taking a bearing from either a map or a distant object, by day or night. The prism sighting system eliminates parallax errors.

60x54x34mm, 210g.

The Cartridge
Hidden beneath the compass is a sterling silver and gold cartridge canister that ejects thanks to an especially designed mechanism once pressed. The gold cap unscrews and can be used to store and hide objects and documents.

The Box
This unique box is designed to give a hint of the three independent Macnab tasks. Intricately portrayed in marquetry is a set of bullets for the stag, cartridges for the grouse and a fly for the salmon. A thistle nods to the Scottish origins of both the challenge and the Purdey brand. Once open, you find a Scottish landscape in the upper lid.

The mechanical cogwheel allows the seamless opening and closing of the box and has been engineered in England from a solid block of brass.

Crafted from: European Walnut, Sycamore, Anegre and Lacewood. Lined in Alcantara.

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