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History Certificate


Since we were founded in 1814, we have been numbering and recording the guns and rifles we produced, and the clients they were made for. Whilst not all of those records have survived, we are proud to continue to record the heritage of each gun, any alterations made, and changes of ownership.

Should you be interested in tracing the history of your gun, our records are organised around its serial number, and depending upon the period we can provide a complete record of how your gun was originally completed, as well as any additional notes. This is supplied as a two-page History Certificate, which is emailed as a pdf document. The first page provides a transcript of the main dimensions and details of the gun as it was originally completed, together with information on subsequent alterations and owners where recorded. The second page is a photograph of the original Dimension Book entry.

Digital certificates will be sent out between 7-10 working days* from receipt of payment. Please note that the names of owners in the last fifty years will be redacted where applicable, and that information on certain guns may be variable.

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