The Sporter

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“Possibly the finest over-and-under design ever conceived.”

The Purdey Sporter is the best in its class, combining over two centuries of Purdey gun making tradition with 21st-century know-how.
At our workshop in London, the advantages of modern technology blend with centuries-old craft. It is this, and the help of our boutique gun making partners in Italy’s gun making capital, that weaves competition-winning levels of accuracy into the DNA of this consummately English gun. It also allows for touches suited to modern competition, including ventilated ribs and replaceable trigger units.

Elegant, low-profiled and beautifully scroll-engraved, the Sporter was described by The Field as ‘possibly the finest over-and-under design ever conceived.’ Naturally, the walnut stock is hand-carved and finished, using a blank selected in the Long Room by our client.

We offer the choice of Teague removable chokes before your Sporter is submitted to the London Proof House for testing, either with lead or steel shot. Finally, every gun is hand-regulated and finished at our London factory, as every Purdey has been since 1814.
The result is a Purdey shotgun offering longevity, elegance and magnificent handling.

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