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Purdey has been building the finest shotguns and rifles for more than two hundred years. The blend of exquisite craftsmanship and perfect balance have earned Purdey not just three Royal Warrants but also the reputation as one of the finest gunmakers in the world.

In recent years, the shooting world has seen the increase in the prominence of higher birds and heavier cartridges. Reflecting these changes, this new over-and-under shotgun has been designed to meet the demands of today’s sporting world. As part of the process, it was tested with more than 150,000 cartridges to prove that it can meet such challenges.

London Made

The Purdey Trigger Plate is, from start to finish, made entirely in Purdey’s London workshop. Like all Purdey ‘Best’ guns, it passes through the traditional seven stages of gunmaking in the hands of Purdey’s world-famous craftsmen.


Every part of this new gun is worked upon by Purdey’s gunmakers. It seamlessly combines the skills of the craftsmen with modern technology to create a beautiful, handmade ‘Best’ Quality London shotgun with classically elegant aesthetics and modern strength.

Trigger Plate Action

The elegant, simple and robust trigger plate mechanism is perfect for the modern shooting world. Thanks to the ease with which the trigger unit can be removed, it is both extremely simple to clean and provides greater security when travelling.


The Purdey Trigger Plate is a fully bespoke gun with the customary range of options, including barrel length, chamber length, choke configuration, stock dimensions, engraving, and case finish. These allow the customer to build a perfectly-fitted gun, suited to both the individual and their style of shooting.

The elegant, simple and robust trigger plate mechanism is perfect for the modern shooting world, and is available in both 12-Bore and 20-Bore.

The Purdey Trigger Plate Options

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Rib Options
Chokes Options
Chambers Options
Proof Options
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Finish Options
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Trigger Options
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Forend Options
Engraving Options
Oval Options
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