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Master the discipline of a Golden Age. Open. Load. Cock. And shoot

In 2004, in response to a revival of interest in hammer guns, we decided to reintroduce a design from the golden era of game shooting: our “bar in iron hammer ejector gun”.
It is every bit as delightful to handle and shoot as it would have been in the nineteenth century heyday of the hammer gun.
It is of note that some of the finest game shots of the Victorian period used hammer ejector guns, including His Majesty King George V, who never gave up using his Purdey hammer guns, and whose light gun, specially fitted with dummy hammers, is displayed in the Long Room at Audley House.

Greatest of shots

One of the most famous game shooters of all time, the second Marquis of Ripon, recorded an incredible bag of 316,000 birds between 1867 and 1895, mostly using his trio of Purdey hammer guns.
His displays at Studley Royal attracted crowds of hushed spectators, such was the Marquis’s style. His speed was truly remarkable, having once shot twenty-eight birds in a single minute whilst shooting at Sandringham.

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